Volunteering in Auki, Solomon Islands

Oct 2007 - Steve & Kelly Hughes. Rob & Lara Chandler - Apr 2009 

Go Long Solo is basic pijin for
"go to the Solomons"


Volunteers Site





Things have changed in Auki and on goLongSolo.com.  Kel's been sent home, so Steve's flying solo, and we're really looking forward to coming home as our volunteering stint comes to an end....

Best of all - the workshop is becoming a reality!

  • The Volunteers' Site remains similar to previous versions.  Major updates are coming soon.
  • The Kilu'ufi Workshop Site is the exciting new development that's begun at our hospital - a project that will both improve services and outcomes for the island's disabled population, and enable satisfactory maintenance of the hospital complex itself.
    Check out the progress photos!
  • Whilst it's a little difficult to describe life on the island of Malaita, when the internet is behaving we post a few of our thoughts, experiences and photos on the blog.  Check back often and send us your feedback too!