About Rob & Lara

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I like to live life a wee bit on the wild (take a risk) side. But the problem is that since I have got a little older, the body doesn't like the knocks as much as it used to( don't ask my age, you will only get a long blank stare). Born in Auckland, lived most of my in Auckland. I'm a Ship,Yacht & Boatbuilder by trade which has led me on to many other things in the Work field. Have done a lot of traveling. After many years of being overseas it was nice to get back home. I met lara in 2004. We started Dating in April 2006 &...ahhh, fell in love! Got married on the 9th of April 2007 & I love it!

Thats about it for now...Laras turn!



I'm proud to be a TCK & OT... (yes, I feel the blank stares from here!) ...
Third Culture Kid  & Occupational Therapist
Both are uniquely exciting and relatively unknown to most of society. (great opportunity for you all to find out what they entail!)  My life has been based around 3 countries: Thailand, England & New Zealand, with holidays to others.  If you were to ask me where I am from (a question TCKs find difficult to answer) I'd say New Zealand - "Go the All Blacks!"  (yes, another RWC tragedy!)
Like the picture beside, often I feel like I'm being both prepared and waiting... then suddenly it's all on and I'm off on a new adventure like skydiving, marriage or even the Solomons! 

Look forward to sharing our adventures with you. 

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