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Unless you've been to the Solomon Islands it's hard to appreciate just how small & remote it is.  Honiara is the only major city amongst nearly 1000 islands that form the country.

When we know where we're going to be living we'll update our Google Earth links, but until then you can view the hospital & our favourite (& only) cafe!


A good source of general information is Wikipedia.  We'll be living in a tropical climate, with average daytime temperatures around 29 degrees and very high humidity. Evenings may be as cool as 19 degrees (if we're lucky!). There are no defined seasons but November to May are wetter months and squalls and cyclones may occur.

The goLongSolo Homepage has a weather panel that updates regularly to show just how uncomfortably stifling our island "paradise" is!



(Solomon) Island Time!

Download Google Earth & you can check out where we work, live & play!
(We'll update these locators once we know precisely where we're gonna be)
Click on the links below to visit our Google Maps locators that give you a bird's eye view of the landscape in hot & humid Honiara & Auki!

  • Auki - where we're going to live! (sorry about Google's poor resolution) 


Click on the maps below to enlarge them, and get a perspective of where the Solomon Islands is on a global scale.

Solomon Islands
- Auki is on the island of Malaita






Solomon Islands amongst Oceania